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OurCamps are fun, safe and exciting camps exclusively for pupils at your school

What we do

OurCamps goals

OurCamps work in direct partnership with the Councils and Local Authority partners to make attending camp FREE for free school meal children. We believe that everyone deserves a great experience during the holidays and our camp are exclusively for pupils at your school.

Over the holiday’s we encourage teachers from your school, to work alongside OurCamps staff so your child knows a familiar face.

Join us at OurCamps!

How does it work?

  1. Sign up

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  2. Book your Camp

    It's 100% free for Free School meal families and exclusive for children at your school

  3. Drop them at camp

    Your children will experience a Fun, Exciting and Safe camp.


OurCamps Testimonial

Camp is so much fun! I love playing capture the flag.


OurCamps Testimonial

I like everything about camp especially play with my friends!


OurCamps Testimonial

Healthy food and dessert is a great part of the day!


OurCamps Testimonial

Camp is something to do and makes holidays fun!


OurCamps Testimonial

Camp allows me to see my friends and make new friends!


OurCamps Testimonial

I like the activities and bonding with new friends!


OurCamps Testimonial

I enjoy Volley and Football at camp.


OurCamps Testimonial

I am seeing my friends a lot so I have someone to play with everyday.


Frequently asked questions

Bring your water bottle and a NUT FREE packed lunch if you are not having one of ours.

Suitable clothing for the weather and physical activity (Gloves in the winter, Hat in the summer, Trainers, T-shirt, Shorts, Trousers).

If you are entitled to Free School Meals, you can come for free.

Contact schoolcampinfo@ourparks.org.uk

Your school may not have joined the OurCamps family yet. Let us know of your interest by filling in this form

If you know your school should be listed we are probably in the process of making it live on our site.

YES! All children who attend your school are entitled to a place at camp. Paid places are available to all other families.

Make sure you are signed in and have created an account with us first before attempting to book on our site.

Unfortunately, OurCamps are exclusive for children who attend your school. If you would like OurCamps to provide camps at your school please fill in this form